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5 Class 1 Pink lady apples

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The Pink Lady apples is marketed by Apple and Pear Australia (Apal) in a unique and very clever way. In the early 1990’s they decided to sell Cripps Pink apples under the Pink Lady name. In order to make the Pink Lady brand a success they would only allow it to be sold if controlled conditions were met. The apples had to be of a specific sweetness, they also had to meet specific colouring criteria. In addition to these and other physical attributes the apples could only be sold under the Pink Lady brand if they were in perfect condition. They impose these conditions very strictly – after all, when was the last time you saw a Pink Lady apple for sale which was bruised, hardly ever I bet.

On top of the above conditions the Pink Lady brand has been marketed in a very clever fashion and the growers have to pay a royalty to fund all that marketing effort. That’s one reason why Pink Lady apples tend to be more expensive compared to other apples. You are being sold the idea of perfect flavour and looks when you buy a Pink Lady apple tree. The reality is though, that you are being sold a Cripps Pink apple tree.

In the UK, Pink Lady apples were first introduced to the public by Marks and Spencer whose customers were more than willing to pay a higher price for an apple they perceived to be of high quality. Clever marketing reinforced this impression in the minds of the British public. Currently  Pink Lady apples are the third most popular in the UK.

Over the last 15 years or so several genetic mutations have occurred in the Cripps Pink apple variety, many of them as a result of growing the apples for the Pink Lady brand. Apal invests considerable money and effort into developing and testing these mutations with a view to increasing the areas in the world where their apples can successfully be grown.


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