The Amazing Norfolk Veg Box

Be proud of the Norfolk Veg box!

We’re very proud of our veg boxes, so much hard work goes in to selecting, purchasing, transporting and preparing every veg box by hand.

We use local Norfolk fruit and veg wherever possible, choosing local farmers first.  This drastically reduces the carbon footprint involved as you can imagine, items from around the world do have to travel here somehow.

People worry about their goods and the transporting of them by careless delivery drivers.  We employ all of our drivers directly and they are like family to us.

With our no quibble guarantee we ensure peace of mind when worrying about other aspects of a service such as this one.  If there’s ever a problem with an item, we’ll replace it no questions asked.

A Norfolk Veg Box is the best Veg box!

The veg box has strong roots in Norfolk, it stands to reason given the quality of the soil for agriculture. This makes the Norfolk Veg Box the best in our view, we think you’ll agree!

Help our environment by keeping it local

Select your amazing, fresh Norfolk Veg Box below

Fresh, local and seriously tasty!

We love Norfolk

Halvergate Windmill on the Norfolk Broads

Halvergate windmill on the Norfolk broads
Stunning sunset over Mutton's Drainage Mill on Berney Marshes on the Norfolk Broads, also known as Halvergate Windmill

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No quibble guarantee

Our promise

Should you ever find any issue with any item, we’ll replace the item in your next order no questions asked.       

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